Highest acquisition speed

Highest acquisition speed

There are three different approaches to volume imaging in SPIM. Volume image data in SPIM can be recorded by scanning the object through an optical plane where the light sheet and detection optics are focused. Alternatively, the light sheet can be scanned through the sample by synchronized adjustment of the focal plane, either by repositioning the detection lens (most commonly used a piezo stage to move the objective) or remote focusing by a tunable lens to image the illuminated plane onto the camera*. In terms of acquisition speed, the last measuring mode is the fastest one. Acquisition speed is critical for dynamic phenomena detection in live samples but also when implementing multi-angle acquisition like in SPOT (SPIM-OPT).

The QLS-scope has three different measuring modes:

Z-motor: sample is moved through a fixed light sheet and focal plane.

Qscope: light sheet is scanned with galvo mirrors in a synchronized way with the detection plane, scanned with a tunable lens.

Qscan: Same as above but without a live image of the experiment. This is the fastest imaging mode available and is used in our SPOT (SPIM-OPT) technology.

* Huisken et all, September 2013, Optics Express 21(18):21010-21026