WEBINAR- 360º capture of large samples: the hot SPOT of isotropic imaging


WEBINAR- 360º capture of large samples: the hot SPOT of isotropic imaging.

First session- 11 June 2020 -  TIME 11:00 AM CET  Check your time zone

Second session- 11 June 2020 -  TIME 18:00 PM CET  Check your time zone

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Presenter: Luis Muñiz (PhD) - Application Scientist at PlaneLight

Duration: 30 minutes

What's New?

PlaneLight announces the third webinar featuring innovative imaging features in Light Sheet Fluorescent Microscopy. In this LIVE session we will demonstrate how to obtain a truly isotropic image from a large sample (around 10 mm thick) using our patented Statistical Projection Optical Tomography (SPOT). SPOT overcomes sample limitations in terms of clearing and optically dense areas, evenly illuminating and detecting all areas of the sample, which ensures optimal excitation of fluorophores.

We will image the specimen from 360º, and integrate the data in a single set of images with increased resolution and signal to noise ratio. This approach builds on:

  • Our ability to rotate the sample,
  • The fastest SPIM imaging on the market (featured in our first webinar, available at planelight.net),
  • An intuitive software that guides the user to optimize the reconstruction and executes it in a few minutes.

Finally, we will compare images obtained by SPIM, multiple angle integration and SPOT, showing how QLS-Scope adapts to your sample with its array of imaging modes, operation speed and intuitive software, making light sheet fluorescence a critical tool in your research.

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