WEBINAR- FASTEST LIVE 3D Fluorescence Imaging of big cleared fixed samples

WEBINAR-  FASTEST LIVE 3D Fluorescence Imaging of large cleared fixed samples

PlaneLight is proud to welcome microscopists worldwide to join our live 3D fluorescence imaging demonstration of large cleared samples. The purpose of the event is to showcase the highest speed in Selective Plane Imaging Microscopy (SPIM) in the market but also the fastest overall measurement time, from placing the sample into the sample chamber, until the 3D image file visualization.



This is the first of a series of webinars where we will demonstrate live not only the fastest and easiest sample loading for SPIM measurements but also isotropic resolution at 2 or 4 angles and finally our unique combination of SPIM-OPT. Unlike any other vendor, we will demonstrate such capabilities for 5 to 10 mm sample size




Presenter: Luis Muñiz (PhD) - Application Scientist at PlaneLight

Time: 11.00 a.m.

CET  Check your time zone

Duration: 30 minutes




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