QLS-scope - The next Generation of Light Sheet Microscopes!

QLS-scope is an imaging platform that uses all the benefits of Light Sheet Microscopy for 3D Fluorescence Imaging of biological samples, while has eliminated all the drawbacks of the different technologies available in the market. Our unique and patented imaging SPOT technique provides isotropic resolution, very high sensitivity and the fastest acquisition speed ever used in 3D Fluorescence Imaging.
Usual technological problems in SPIM (Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy) or LSFM (Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy) like sample handling, automatic objective change or sample size restrictions, have been overcamed with the QLS-scope advanced configuration.
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Isotropic Resolution

Thanks to the combination of SPIM and OPT techniques in one called SPOT we can achieve isotropic resolution in 3D fluorescence images, for all kinds of biologicalsamples.


The QLS-scope includes automatic change of up to four air objectives, automatic change of up to eight wavelengths Lasers and the automatic change of the corresponding excitation and emission filters.

Highest Speed

We offer the fastest imaging speed possible (up to 10 volumes per second) that permits the capture of dynamic procedures inside the 3D structure.

No sample type or size restrictions

One of the most demanding characteristic in SPIM or LSFM is the capacity of the system to image live specimens and cleared samples with the same system. Our patented sample chamber is using a capillary tube support for small samples like zebra fish and a diferent diameter glass tube supports for cleared samples. The open architecture of the sample chamber can be equipped with temperature and gas control chamber for keeping large embryos alive for several hours.
The objective field of view and the size of the sheet are the restricting parameters for very large samples imaging. Due to our XY sample stage and the SPOT mechanism of measurement, it is possible to stitch several images in X and Y direction and create 3D images of very large samples using the QLS-scope.


The QLS-scope can be used in typical SPIM or LSFM application fields like:

  • Cancer Research
  • Neuroscience
  • Developmental Biology

But due to itshigh  speed and easy of use it can be used in other areas like:

  • Pathology
  • Optogenetics
  • Pharmacology
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Even if we are a rather new company, we have established very close collaborations with some of the most important research centres in Europe.

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