About Us

Who we are

Plane Light is a biotechnology company located in Spain, that has developed and manufactured the QLS-scope, the first SPIM-OPT system for 3D Fluorescence Imaging. The QLS-scope is the commercial version of a more than ten years experience of building custom made Light Sheet Microscopes, so that more researchers all over the world could beneficiate of our technology.

The development of the system is based on the research work of Prof. Jorge Ripoll on OPT and lately on SPIM technologies. The major benefits of the system have been created with a user point of view and therefor the result is a user friendly, easy sample handling, fast and sensitive system with no sample type or size limitation. It is also designed  to be economically accessible for most of the microscopy labs in the world, so that Light Sheet can be can be introduced as a routine method. The hardware configuration of the system is rather open so there is practically no limitations on what can be measured. Small live embryos, big cleared samples, organs, brains, plants are some of the most common samples that our system can easily measure and create 3D images.

What we are good at:

The most important technological innovation that the QLS-scope is introducing is that in our configuration the Light Sheet is moving through the sample to scan it and not the other way around. Any other configuration proposed in the market nowadays is moving the sample through a fixed Light Sheet.